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Applications are in, what is next?

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  1. Celebrate your accomplishments
  2. Make sure your applications are complete
  3. Review financial aid requirements and deadlines
  4. Prepare for interviews
  5. Check your email everyday


Congratulations to all of the class of 2013, you are almost finished with the application process. All of your hard work should be honored and celebrated. The good news is that you will not have to write many more application essays, the not so good news is that you still need to devote time and energy to the college process. Below are 5 essential things you should do before the end of the year.

Celebrate Print out all of your acceptances. Since most acceptances now come via email, make sure to print out the email and post it somewhere in your house. Be proud of your accomplishments. I am incredibly impressed with how much hard work you put into submitting your college applications.

Complete Applications? Every school has a different username, password and process for you to check the status of your application. Once you submit an application, most schools will send you an email with instructions on how to access your student portal. Do not disregard theses emails! You need to go through the process (no matter how tedious) and make sure that your application is complete. Many schools no longer email students a request for information if you are missing a document. They expect you to go to their site and figure it out. If you do not receive an email 10-14 after submitting an application, go to the school website and search under admissions to find out each school�s specific procedure. If you should have received an email, but have not, email the school immediately. Be pro-active and make sure each school you are applying to has all the information they need.

Financial Aid It is now time to visit the financial aid website for each of the schools to which you are applying. On the site the schools will detail which forms you need to turn in and when. The CSS profile is currently available and the FASFA will go live on January 1, 2013. DO NOT miss any of the stated deadlines.

Interviews It is not too late to request an interview. In fact, many schools will be contacting you with information regarding local alumni interviews. Some schools will offer alumni interviews to students, but not advertise them to the general public. Especially for students applying to private schools, send an email to admissions (or pick up the phone) asking if the specific school does interviews this time of year and how you might sign up. Even though your application may be in, schools still want to see you take initiative and demonstrate interest. If you want tips on how to prepare for an interview, please visit College Calm on Facebook to read the link shared on 11/30/12, “Be prepared going into a college interview.”

Check your email every day I cannot stress this point enough and when I say, “check” I mean go into your email and READ everything that colleges are sending to you. Many times the title of the email will not seem important, but the text of the email will be essential – asking you to turn in missing documents or instructions for requesting an interview. Trash the emails that are spam or not important and for the ones that have important information (student portal access or decisions), I would print them out and put them in your binder. You do not want to lose that information in your “in box.”

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Brief December University of California System Update

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Brief December University of California System Update

Below is the direct text from an email sent to counselors regarding the UC process.

Here are a few reminders we hope you can share with your students:

  • Print a copy of the application:  Applicants should keep a record of the application ID number for reference.
  • Order test score reports: Freshman applicants should submit ACT and SAT test scores by the end of December.
  • To expedite the delivery of these test scores, UC does not recommend applicants use the College Board’s Score Choice function or Rush Score delivery.  Students should use the normal reporting method and can visit the College Board website for information on how to send score reports.  All official test scores can be submitted to one campus, as test scores are disseminated to all campuses to which the student has applied.
  • Update the application: Students can log in to the application to review and, if necessary, update their telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses or SAT/ACT Test scores.
  • Await the decision: Each UC campus will notify the student of its admission decision, generally in March for fall freshman applicant or in April for transfer students. To read more about admissions decisions, visit
  • Submit transcripts, after accepting an admission offer:  Transcripts must be submitted only to the one campus at which the student plans to enroll by the deadline date the campus will provide (unless specifically asked by a campus prior to the admission decision).  Transcripts must be received by July 15, 2013.
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