College Calm now offers YOUSCIENCE Aptitude Test to Students

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Sophomores

College Calm now offers YOUSCIENCE Aptitude Test to Students

At College Calm, we are dedicated to helping all of our students reach their highest potential and watching them succeed through the college years and beyond. The challenge lies in discovering each student’s unique set of talents, and understanding how those talents will drive college major, career and even life choices. That’s why we’re excited to share with you that College Calm has recently partnered with YouScience, creator of the innovative new program called the YouScience Profile.

YouScience is an exciting new tool for us, and is being offered directly to our families for the first time. With this program, students will discover their unique set of talents through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests and personality. It’s a completely new way to understand where your children will succeed and allows College Calm to deliver even more effective and accurate guidance. The online, scientific program takes students through a series of assessments and interest questions, designed to determine their results in the 14 key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The test consists of a series of exercises that are 5-12 minutes each to show how you work, think and understand different types of information. The test is about 2 hours total, but can be broken down into much smaller segments. Students take the test at home and must be 16 years old to participate. The results include a review of the student’s strengths, suggested environments where they will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. We will then help students review and interpret the comprehensive results. It also gives students language they can use to talk about their strengths in interviews and on their college applications. This is a great process to complete over the summer.

The cost for College Calm students will be $150 for the test and then the cost of one session to go over the results. This includes an individualized 50-page report that breaks down student results and gives information on potential careers and majors. Students will also have access to their report and the databases for 10 years.

I have to say that both Charlotte and I have taken the test and found the results incredibly insightful. It is a very powerful tool that opens up a great conversation. Please let us know if you or your student is interested in taking the test and then schedule a session to get them all set up.