October is “CRUNCH TIME”

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October is “CRUNCH TIME”

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we are heading into,  “college crunch time.”  (See below for a checklist of things to be doing)

I know that students are starting to feel the pressure regarding school, activities and the college process. I completely understand what they are feeling and recognize that they are feeling pressures from all sides. This, coincidentally, is also when I see students start to fall behind in the college process. Now really is the time that students need to be setting aside at least 2 days a week to be working on finalizing applications and essays. It is also time for all hands on deck to support them in completing the process.

Many students have deadlines as early as 10/15 and most early action and rolling applications need to be complete by 11/1 or 11/15 with the UC deadline by 11/23.

If you or your student is feeling particularly stressed, please talk to me. We can absolutely alter deadline and change schools to regular decision, but we need to talk through any potential ramifications. We have plotted their application plan on their student portal calendar- I will admit the timelines might seems a bit aggressive, but they are simply target dates and there is always some wiggle room. I promise we will all get through this together.

When everyone in your house is feeling overwhelmed, over-worked, stressed and/or sleep deprived, take a moment to eat something you love and view this lovely video called, “Where the Hell is Matt?” as a reminder to stop, breathe and take some time to do something that brings you joy- even if it is just for a moment.

Oh yes, October is busy

  • Finalize your college list and complete your applications for EARLY DECISION AND EARLY ACTION schools. If you are applying early, make sure your Naviance is updated and tell your counselor and recommenders of your plan.
  •  Look at the TESTING AND REPORTING REQUIREMENTS for each school on your list and determine what test scores you need to send and if they participate in score choice. Determine if you need to send any SAT 2 scores. Make a plan to send the appropriate test scores to the schools on your list. This will take longer than you think!!! IF YOU ARE APPLYING EARLY ACTION OR DECISION & TAKING THE OCTOBER SAT- YOU MUST SEND YOUR PAST SCORES AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEADLINE AND PRE- SEND YOUR OCTOBER SCORES.
  • If you are applying to private schools, you and your family need to fill out the CSS PROFILE. Please check the financial aid websites for all of the schools you are applying to early (action or decision) to see when you need to file the CSS profile and the FASFA. THE DATES CAN BE EARLY!
  •  See which schools on your list have ROLLING ADMISSIONS. Make a plan to send these applications in early and make sure you request transcripts and test scores to be sent so your application is complete.
  •  Make sure you have established an APPLICATION ACCOUNT online for each college on your list.
  • Request OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS be sent to each college on your list, except UC, CSU and UW campuses. For schools on the Common Application, your counselor should send a transcript as part of the SSR (secondary school report). Your high school counselor will likely give you instructions on how to request transcripts. Be sure to follow all instructions and meet all deadlines.
  •  Check in with your RECOMMENDERS to see if there is any helpful information you can provide to them.
  • Begin to complete your COLLEGE APPLICATIONS usually in the order of the application deadline. Share the calendar we have made with your family. Set aside a few hours on the weekend to print out and review applications with your family before submitting.
  • Once you have submitted any college applications, CHECK YOUR COLLEGE EMAIL EVERY DAY. Many schools will send invitations to create a student portal account so you can see if you are missing any documents or if your application is complete. They will only notify students of missing documents via email.
  • Schedule an appointment to review all college ESSAYS/PERSONAL STATEMENTS with your counselor and/or your English teacher. You already have a solid start to your essays, now is the time to focus on moving your words from good to great. Be ready for feedback and really work hard to incorporate ideas and examples that put your best foot forward. Have someone in your house read your essay as well.