Process: How we work together.

A Student-Centered Approach

process_mainStudents and families come to me at different stages in the college application process. My individualized and student-centered approach focuses on the strengths of students and finding college options where they will be both happy and successful. Although I build an individualized plan for each student, in general my students progress through the following four phases:


When students care about their future and recognize the exciting possibilities ahead, they are much more engaged in the college process. Although some students are ready to talk about college freshman year, many are not ready until junior year. During this phase I discuss initial questions about the college application process, class selection, time-management, potential areas of study and extracurricular and summer possibilities. The goal of this stage is to demystify the process and help students begin to explore the many options in front of them.


It takes time to research the many college options available to students. During this phase, which is typically during junior year, I help students set their college priorities and major preferences. Then we create an initial college list, outline a testing strategy, plan school visits, and examine summer and extracurricular options. Students who take the time to thoughtfully investigate their college options have a much easier time completing the college application process.

The summer between junior and senior year is a great time to start writing essays and preparing for college applications. My approach is very proactive and during this phase students manage their college list, finalize a resume, organize college deadlines, brainstorm essay topics, write essay drafts and prepare for interviews. It is essential for students to plan and prepare during the summer so they have the time to create thoughtful applications that express all of their dreams and accomplishments.

The fall of senior year is one of the most stressful times a student will face. During this phase students complete their college applications while simultaneously taking challenging courses, completing testing requirements, playing sports and participating in extracurricular activities. My goal during this phase is to get students to move past the stressful moments by following a detailed plan for completing their personal statements, supplemental essays, alumni interviews and electronic applications.