Spotlight On: American University

Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Colleges & Visits

Spotlight On: American University

American University is a mid-sized private school located in Washington DC with 6,600 undergraduate students, a #1 ranking for internships and a location on a beautiful suburban campus only a 10 minute walk to the DC Metro. American boasts that it is a campus of WONKS- A Wonk is KNOW backwards and is a smart, passionate, focused and engaged student. At American there are political wonks, art wonks, community activist wonks, business wonks and many others. Below are some of the other things I learned while on campus.

  • The current freshman class represents 90 different countries
  • The School of business (lKOGOD) is interdisciplinary and has majors focused on business and music, business language and culture and entrepreneurship
  • The School of international service is now housed in a brand new LEED gold certified building which has a fantastic organic and free trade coffee shop run by students
  • The fantastic student resource center helps students with learning differences by arranging extended time, note taking support, and even a leaning service track with specific courses together with special advisor
  • The Global Scholars program is a 3 year undergraduate program where students attend classes in the summer and graduate with a BA in 3 years
  • There are multiple a cappella groups and on campus they have an A Cappalooza event every year
  • Wednesdays there is a farmers market on campus in the quad, which was designed by the same person who designed central park and is a national arboretum
  • They are a testing optional school and deadline for your application if you choose to not submit test scores is December 1st
  • The admissions office is looking for students who are active learners, involved in the community, and passionate contributors.

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