Spotlight On: Chapman

Posted by on Apr 15, 2012 in Colleges & Visits

Spotlight On: Chapman

Chapman is a beautiful university located in Orange, California. Overall I found the students to be very outgoing, friendly, engaging and driven. Many were taking advantage of local internship opportunities. Although Chapman used to be a “hidden gem,” the word is now out. This past fall, Chapman welcomed the largest and strongest class – 1,270 freshman with an average SAT of 1864, ACT of 27 and GPA of 3.77. Whether you are interested in Communications, Digital Arts, Biochemistry, Athletic Training, or Public Relations and Advertising, you will find dedicated faculty and resources to make the most of your education. Here are a few of the things I learned on my visit:

  • Chapman has a 4-1-4 schedule, meaning they have a fall semester where you take 4 classes, a January interterm, where you take 1 course and then a spring semester where you take 4 courses. In your January term you can do things like have a London Theatre Tour, study cross cultural competencies in Brazil, travel to NY for a walk down Wall Street or participate in civic engagement and leadership development in New Orleans.
  • Chapman is building, building, building. Currently they are working on a new performing arts center that will house the 2nd largest performance hall in the Orange County seating over 1600.They just finished a brand new water polo and swimming complex right in the middle of campus. They are also the only college with a working film studio and sound stage on campus.
  • Approximately 32% of students participate in greek life, but the fraternities and sororities are more focused on philanthropic/community service than traditional houses.
  • Chapman gives many “talent based” scholarships that range from $15K-$25K for all four years. There is no additional application for these funds, students who apply are automatically eligible

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