What makes good Test Prep?

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in SAT & ACT

What makes good Test Prep?

Based upon decades of experience, the leaders at Eureka Test Prep and Study Smarter recommend the following:

  • Students need to take lots of full exams to increase their test taking stamina
  • Students can start with SAT tutoring, even if the student is going to take the ACT because the tips learned for the SAT will help with ACT preparation as well.
  • Students doing group prep should work with a group that puts students in groups based on pre-test scores. That way the students are working on the same skills
  • Tutors should have regular professional development, use actual ACT/SAT exams for student practice and have students practice taking full exams
  • Students who receive accommodations of extra time usually increase their ACT score more than their SAT score
  • Students should start test prep the spring of junior year, unless a student has higher than a 190 on his/her PSAT (those students can benefit from earlier test prep to potentially become a National Merit Finalist)

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