Kudos: A few words from our clients.

What Students and Parents are Saying

I would like to sincerely thank you for your beneficial support, guidance and wisdom you shared with me over this past year. Our weekly sessions grew to become something I greatly looked forward to, rather than stressful college counseling meetings. I am grateful for your warm and trusting ways and your unconditional willingness to listen and provide support.

Menlo Student (SMU)

College Calm helped me most by getting me to go after what I really wanted. Before college calm, I thought I wanted to go the colleges that everybody else wanted to go to. College Calm helped me realized what college would be right for me.

Sequoia Student (University of Oregon)

My essays, I feel, turned out with the right balance of my own style and concision that needs to be demonstrated within the college-essay genre. The advice that was given by Roxana did not, in any way, hinder my creativity, but rather fashioned it into a precise voice of honesty and clarity. I am very pleased with what was created during my sessions.

Burlingame High School Student (St. Johns)

College Calm helped me line up my goals and figure out a schedule to make sure everything was my best work and turned in on time. I learned how to write both college essays and supplements (learning more about myself on the way). Although the college essay writing process is a long one, the end result was worth the work and editing. On top of being written well, I think they are representative of what kind of person I am and my accomplishments.

Palo Alto High School Student (Pepperdine)

The most helpful aspects were the exercises we did in order to start writing all the supplements and the long essay, like the worksheet about words that describe you. It’s also really great to be able to talk openly about topics, which helps in the brainstorming process. College Calm definitely reduced my stress, as it gave me a structured schedule to work with so I didn’t leave everything until the last minute. I feel great about my essays. They are definitely in my own voice, I just needed some help getting all my ideas down and organized! Having everything spaced out made the workload lighter and easier to handle

Woodside Priory Student (Bryn Mawr)

The fact that Roxana believed so much in me from the start motivated me to keep working hard. It definitely helped to have someone other than a parent or school counselor closely reading my essays, because Roxana’s investment in getting to know me in the first few meetings I think helped her have a valuable read on what I should include in my application. Roxana pushed me to put my best ability forward through this process, and no matter what school I end up at, I will never have regrets of the application process.

Sequoia Student (U.C. Berkeley)

Thanks so much for walking us through the process and answering all of our questions as they came up. We REALLY valued your opinion on many subjects within the college application process! You are very easy to talk to and very professional. Our son felt he could talk with you easily and you connected with him and our family.  The essay was a very good product which reflected him as a person. You took the time to get to know him and we enjoyed working with you each and every minute.

Menlo Parent

We felt that [CC] wasn’t a gift for our student, but a gift for all of us.  Given what other parents have shared, I had anticipated yelling and arguments  . . .  we had none. It was great having someone else set the deadlines for him that he had to stick to. Having him bring a 98% completed written supplement to us allowed everyone to celebrate what was written. This helps them feel confident and comfortable with what is ultimately submitted.

Serra Parent