Early High School Essentials

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Early High School: Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

Dear Parents and Students,

     Let me introduce myself. My name is Roxana Dommer and I founded College Calm 10 years ago to help reduce the stress of the college process for students and families. I have worked in admissions at both Santa Clara University and Stanford University and most importantly, my daughter is now a freshman in high school.

In my 15 years working with high school students, I have learned that the first two years of high school offer a unique opportunity that students sometimes miss. The first two years can be stressful and there is not much support or guidance at the beginning. Ironically, it is also during these first two years that students

have more time to explore their interests and think about things that will make their junior and senior years less stressful.

The content of College Calm’s Early High School Essentials is a combination of everything I have learned and how I would advise my own daughter. The program is an easy, light-hearted and proactive approach to high school and is the perfect place for students and parents to start the journey together. I can’t wait to share all of my tips with you!

Roxana Dommer

Roxana Dommer
College Counselor &
Mother of a High School Freshma

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Reduce your student's college stress from the beginning

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The Program: Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

The program includes 10 monthly installments with current high school student videos, information and a simple activity or list of resources. The content will be delivered to you and your student’s email once a month and all supporting documents will be added to your shared google folder. You will also be invited to join an exclusive facebook group where you can post questions and also two social media live sessions where we will talk with you in real time.

Reducing your Stress: Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

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Early High School Essentials

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  • 10 Monthly topical, multimedia newsletters to guide you and your student through freshman year.
  • Access to a personalized online drive with helpful worksheets & resources.
  • Membership to a private Facebook group for Q&As and Live Chat sessions once per semester.
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