Our Philosophy

At College Calm, we love getting to know our students, listening to their stories, learning what motivates them, and helping them find their voice. Over the last 12 years, we have honed and crafted the most effective and thoughtful way to move through all aspects of the college process. We consider it our job to reduce the stress and confusion students and families feel during the college application process.

We do not view high school and the college process as a means to an end, but rather a time when students can learn about their academic interests and personal assets and build both skills and confidence. Our personalized approach creates a comfortable environment where we focus on student’s strengths, validate their experiences, and build their capacity to calmly and effectively complete their college applications.

Class of 2023

For the class of 2023, only the personal statement package and hourly sessions are available.

Class of 2024

For the class of 2024, we have limited space for our full package with our counselor Diana.
Workshops and hourly sessions will open up in August for the class of 2024.

Free Resources for High School Students

Grade-Level Services

College Counseling

college Counseling PACKAGE

The College Counseling Package, our most comprehensive program, kicks off at the end of sophomore year and includes up to 30 hours with a counselor. In the beginning of sophomore summer, we help students set their college priorities and investigate major preferences. Then we create an initial college list, outline a testing strategy, and examine summer and extracurricular options.

Throughout junior year, we cover topics including, but not limited to course selection, extracurricular and community service activities, summer programs, college investigations and research, balanced college list, standardized testing, application timelines, resumes, interviews, college visits, essays, and total application review.

The package includes all of our original content, subscriptions to essential resources, optional intensive workshops, and comprehensive essay review by two counselors. The package includes 30 hours of individual counseling/email/essay editing. Schedule your initial phone call to learn more.

Summer Synergy PRoject

On a college application, students need to be able to tell their story, and the SSP works with high school students to develop their story. We have taken everything we have learned is important to student success in our college counseling practice—understanding personal strengths, developing interests, taking an initiative, collaborating with mentors, and finding purpose, and created a dynamic summer curriculum for high school students. The Summer Synergy Project (SSP) is a flexible personalized experience where students work with a coach to create a meaningful project over the summer. Appropriate for students of any grade and can be added to the comprehensive package at a reduced cost. 


Our workshops are designed with the completion of tangible goals in mind. Each workshop is 3.5 hours and includes instruction by our experienced staff, activities to support student reflection, one-on-one meetings with a counselor, and work time to reinforce learning and produce results. The workshops are packed with checklists, timelines, essential resources, and proprietary College Calm materials. Although each workshop is a stand-alone topic, students who complete all four workshops will be better prepared to tackle the college application process. Workshops are open to all students and included in College Calm Counseling Package. 


With hourly services, the most successful students are self-driven and come in for a session to discuss and review ideas with a counselor. Counselors can cover any aspect of the college process from developing a college list to essay revisions. Students come to the session with goals and we always send them off with suggestions and assignments. Recommended for independent students who are NOT the first in their family to go through the college process. Families can combine Intensive Workshops with hourly sessions to create a program that fits their specific needs.

Personal Statement Writing Package

We use a tried and true ten-step process to help students craft effective college essays. We teach the process using the personal statement, but it is a structure that will help guide students through all of the other writing they need to do for their applications. Our goal is to help students build on their strengths and demonstrate their best qualities. From brainstorming ideas through multiple drafts and final proofreading, we plan out every task over four weeks so students can calmly write a personal statement that will enhance their applications. The process takes approximately FOUR weeks, and students must be available to do the work during this time frame. This process includes 1-1 meetings with a coach and extensive commenting via email. Students also work through the steps using an innovative writing platform that teaches them all about the different stages of the college writing process. The end product is a completed personal statement. The initial start time will depend on coach and student availability.