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Students and families come to us at different stages in the college application process. Our individualized and student-centered approach focuses on the strengths of students and finding college options where they will be both happy and successful.


At College Calm, we love getting to know our students, listening to their stories, learning what motivates them, and helping them find their voice. We consider it our job to reduce the stress and confusion students and families feel during the college application process. Our personalized approach creates a comfortable environment where we focus on student’s strengths, validate their experiences and build their capacity to calmly and effectively complete their college applications.

We do not view high school and the college process as a means to an end, but rather a time when students can learn about their academic assets and personal interests. We challenge students to think about what they can learn about life through the college process, and encourage them to dream about their futures. We believe students need to start the process early enough to give themselves the time to be (or learn to be) pro-active, organized, and thoughtful. By the end of the process, we want our students to find a college where they will thrive, not just attend.


In the early years of high school, we help students make the most of their high school experience. We cover topics, including extracurricular activities, class selection, interest inventories, and summer planning. We aim to demystify the college process and help students explore the multitude of options in front of them. Families can engage with us by choosing the Early High School Package, Student Synergy Project or hourly appointments. 

This package includes quarterly content delivered to your inbox, access to student videos, two 1-1 meetings with a counselor, and the summer Student Synergy Program. Our comprehensive early high school program brings together everything we believe students and parents need to know and do in the first two years of high school. Using Roxana’s unique perspective as both a college counselor and the parent of a high school student, Early High School Essentials delivers the most relevant content families need to consider when thinking about the future and the college process. Topics include: Getting involved, getting organized, summer planning, investigating your interests, course planning, community service, goal setting, and, of course, how to stay calm!  This is a great way to prepare for our college process, which starts after sophomore year.

The Student Synergy Project (SSP) is a flexible personalized summer project where students work with a coach to brainstorm their interests, refine their ideas, create a project plan, perform research, meet with experts, and present a final project. We have taken everything we have learned is important to student success in our college counseling practice—understanding personal strengths, developing interests, taking an initiative, collaborating with mentors, and finding purpose, and created a dynamic summer curriculum for rising freshman, sophomores and juniors. On a college application, students need to be able to tell their story, and the SSP works with younger students to develop the beginning of their story. The project includes a group meeting, 1-1 sessions, and frequent check-ins. Offered only May-August

In the early years of high school, we offer in-person hourly advice and guidance to help students make the most of their high school experience. We cover topics, including extracurricular activities, class selection, interest inventories, and summer planning. We always send students off with suggestions and assignments. Families can choose to do the Early High School Package or work hourly.


In the later years of high school, we focus on preparing and completing the college application process. We cover topics including, but not limited to course selection, extracurricular and community service activities, summer programs, college investigations and research, balanced college list, standardized testing, application timelines, resumes, interviews, college visits, essays, and total application review.

Starting at the end of sophomore year and through junior year, we help students set their college priorities and major preferences. Then we create an initial college list, outline a testing strategy, plan school visits, and examine summer and extracurricular options. We know students who thoughtfully investigate their college options have a much easier time completing the college application process.


The summer between junior and senior year, we focus on writing essays and preparing for college applications. Our approach is proactive because it is essential for students to plan and prepare during the summer, so they have the time to create and complete thoughtful applications that express all of their accomplishments and dreams.


The fall of senior year is one of the most stressful times a student will face. Our goal during this phase is to get students to move past the stressful moments by following a detailed plan for completing their personal statements, supplemental essays, alumni interviews, and electronic applications.

The package includes electronic organizational systems, interest inventories, access to our database of original resource videos, family checklists, webinars, an annual family meeting, and comprehensive essay review by two counselors. The package includes 30 hours of individual counseling/email/essay editing. You may choose to put a deposit down for the package.

With hourly services, the most successful students are self-driven and come in for a session to discuss and review ideas with a counselor. Students and/or parents schedule one-hour sessions for assistance in specific areas. Recommended for independent students who are NOT the first in their family to go through the college process. Session times are based upon counselor availability. As an hourly family, it is important a parent or student notifies their counselor of the specific goals for the hourly work.


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