Student Synergy Project

A meaningful, self-directed summer project for high school students.

What is the Student Synergy Project?

We have taken everything we have learned is important to student success in our college counseling practice—understanding personal strengths, developing interests, taking an initiative, collaborating with mentors and finding purpose and created a curriculum for rising freshman, sophomores and juniors.

The Student Synergy Project (SSP) is a flexible summer program where students work with a coach to brainstorm their interests, narrow down concepts, perform research, refine their ideas, create a plan, meet with experts and present a final project.

We believe the SSP is important because colleges are looking for students who take initiative in their areas of interest. The SSP helps students identify these areas and allows students to demonstrate both initiative and depth. On a college application, students need to be able to tell their story. The SSP works with younger students to start developing their story, one they will build on throughout the rest of high school

The Results

As a result of participating in the Student Synergy Project, our evaluations show that ALL students:

  • Prioritized their areas of interest
  • Learned something new
  • Took initiative
  • Learned new strategies/ tools for organization and project management
  • Focused on something productive over the summer

What the Parents & Students are Saying...

The most useful part of SSP was the first session where you gave us a sheet with tons of different very specific topics so we could narrow it down. At least for me, I have a lot of interests and narrowing it down can be hard.
SSP Participant
college students

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will attend at least 1 group meeting, participate in 1-1 sessions with a coach and have frequent phone/email check-ins. Students will need to put in significant time outside of the meetings to research, plan, and develop their project. This is a student-driven project and this past year students spent an average of 15-25 hours outside of program meetings. We believe it is an incredibly valuable use of a student’s time.

The SSP is a great way to build the foundation to answer many of the UC Insight Questions, including “Think about an academic subject that inspires you and describe how you have furthered this interest inside and/or outside of the classroom” and “What have you done to make your school or community a better place?” The SSP also helps students tell the story for the common supplemental essay “What do you want to study at X University?”

The program includes pre-work inventories and videos, three 1-1 sessions with a coach, and two phone/email/facetime check-ins between sessions. Families will also receive resources for college planning and executive functioning. If you sign up before April 15th the cost is $650/student. After April, the price will go up to $699. Space is limited to 20 students for the summer.

Students will start with pre-work and then meet 1-1 with their counselor beginning in June. The meeting times are flexible and based on student and coach availability. Students are encouraged to attend a final group session (projected dates are Friday, August 7th, Saturday, August 8th and/or Monday, August 10th).

For more information, please watch our video. If you still have questions you can email Roxana at

If you are ready to sign up, click here. You will be directed to choose a time to check in with Roxana for 10 min, fill out a form, and pay for the program

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Student Synergy Project (SSP)

Jump start your Summer Vacation!
$ 650
  • Plan your project with the help of a professional coach
  • Create and execute a meaningful project
  • Get a head start on the College Application Process