Student Synergy Project: Immigration Reformation and Compassion in the Era of COVID-19

The Student Synergy Project is a meaningful self-directed summer project for high school students. Below is a completed project by one of the student participants.
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Student Interests: 

Immigration Law, Journalism, and Advocacy

The Project: 

This Synergy student explored and researched the legal and journalistic aspects of immigration. They created a plan for community outreach and advocacy at Carlmont High School, with plans to collaborate and expand, to the greater Bay Area. They also wrote a research article on immigration and entered it in a New York Times writing contest.

From the student:

“I am most proud of my plan to reach out to the Carlmont community through a club that will benefit those that are at risk during these unsettling times. I think advocacy has an important place in our present-day society and I am grateful that this project served as a medium through which I can support students at my school and throughout the greater Bay Area.”