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Weighted versus unweighted. UC GPA versus Cal Grant GPA. These terms often have students asking us what is my real GPA? Or more often, which GPA will colleges use?

Each college calculates your GPA differently.

Some take a weighted GPA, where taking honors, AP, or IB courses in your schedule increases your GPA.

Other colleges recalculate your GPA so that all students from a variety of high schools are evaluated on the same scale.

The University of California and California State University system use your 10th and 11th grade GPA in UC A-G approved courses only.

We often tell students that if you look at your weighted GPA and your unweighted GPA, the GPA colleges use is somewhere in the middle of those two.

The truth is, your transcript tells a better story than your GPA. While GPA matters, your classes, grades, and trends matter even more. Tune in for our next post on understanding your transcript.
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1. Document: Write down your general impressions about the university soon after you leave campus.

2. Send Thanks: If you met with an Admission Officer, Professor, or had an amazing tour guide, a handwritten Thank You card is a nice way to thank anyone who took time to meet with you.

3. Be Specific: Remember to write down compelling majors, interesting activities, and unique traditions that the school offers.

4. Decide: Is this school a good academic fit, social fit, and financial fit for you?

5. Show Interest: Continue to show interest. Follow the college’s blog. Sign up for their newsletter. Follow the university on social media. Find out if the college will present in your area and plan to attend.

If you have missed any of our tips on Maximizing your College Visit. Check out our webinar linked in our bio. Happy Touring!
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