Student Synergy Project

A meaningful self-directed summer project for high school students.

Student Synergy Project

What is the Student Synergy Project?

We have taken everything we have learned is important to student success in our college counseling practice- understanding personal strengths, developing interests, taking an initiative, collaborating with a mentor and finding purpose and created a curriculum for rising freshman, sophomores and juniors. The SSP is a summer program where students will attend group sessions, 1-1 meetings and check-ins focused on creating a project that demonstrates initiative and depth while at the same time learning essential time management and organizational skills they will need in high school and beyond.

What Parents & Students Are Saying

SSP Participant Parent
I just wanted to thank you so much for Synergy project the summer. It was an amazing experience for (our student). I think he stretched himself, learned something completely new, and contributed significantly to something greater than himself; all things he would not have done had he not been fortunate enough to be in contact with you. Thank you for all of your patience, encouragement, and guidance.
SSP Participant Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Colleges are looking for students who take initiative in their areas of interest. The SSP helps students identify these areas and then helps students demonstrate both initiative and depth. On a college application, students need to be able to tell their story. The SSP works with younger students to start developing their story, one they will build on throughout the rest of high school.

Students evaluate their interests, do some research, talk to experts and then develop a guiding question they want to answer. Students then create a project that combines their interests and makes an impact beyond themselves.

Session 1: Group session offered Sunday, June 2nd 3:30-6:00pm or Monday, June 10th 5:30-8:00pm  

Sessions 2 and 3 and check-ins are scheduled individually between Session 1 and the Final Session.

Final Session:  Monday, August 12th 6-8pm or Saturday, August 17th from 4-6pm. 

 Student will attend group meetings, participate in 1-1 sessions and have phone check ins. Students will need to put in significant time outside of the meetings to research, plan, and develop their project. This is a student-driven project and it is expected that students will fully engage in the process. This past year students spent and average of 15-25 hours outside of program meetings.

As a result of participating in the Student Synergy Project our evaluations show that all students:

  • Prioritized their areas of interest 
  • Learned something new
  • Took initiative
  • Learned new strategies/tools for organization and project management
  • Had something productive to focus on over the summer

Recent Student Synergy Projects

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