Student Synergy Project: Genetic Modification Tool CRISPR CAS-9


The Student Synergy Project is a meaningful self-directed summer project for high school students. Below is a completed project by one of the student participants.
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The Project: Genetic Modification Tool CRISPR CAS-9

Student Interests:

Biomedical Research, Molecular Biology, Pre-med, and Cellular Biology

The Project:

This Synergy student researched CRISPR, a gene editing tool that can cut out and replace DNA sequences in genome or disable genes. Their goal was to educate the general public on the importance of CRISPR and reduce fear around genetic modifications. For their Synergy project, they published findings on their self-designed website and created an engaging animated PowToon on CRISPR CAS-9. 

From the Student:

“The synergy project taught me more about science and current research.  It allowed me to research and create a project around an interest of mine.”