Student Synergy Project: The negative effects of plastics on our world

Student Synergy Project - Animation Focused on Effect of Plastics on Our World

The Student Synergy Project is a meaningful self-directed summer project for high school students. Below is a completed project by one of the student participants.
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The Project:  Animation Explaining the Negative Effects of Plastics on Our World

From the Student:

“I started by researching the toll plastic waste has taken on our local communities and sea life. I have developed a good understanding at how plastic is becoming a large-scale problem even though it serves a helpful purpose in everyday life. The information I gathered is frightening–if we do not decide to change the ways we use and dispose of plastic. I am working on different ways to educate my community. I have started with an animated video, which is just the beginning of the ways I hope to have a positive impact on my community by inspiring others to take action on the global issue.”