Considering Majoring in Pre-Med or Going to Medical School?

Jenny Dumas talks with 3 students in medical school and residency to gain insight into what it means to be pre-med in college. To view the presentation, click here. These amazing women speak candidly about their experiences and give sage advice to any students considering medical school. They touch on many areas and reinforce the following concepts.

  1. There are a variety of paths to medical school, small liberal arts colleges, large research institutions and combined medical schools just to name a few. You can major in just about anything as long as you meet the prerequisites for medical school. As an undergraduate, find both your academic and social fit, this will help you excel.

  1. Applying to medical school takes some planning. Consult your advisors and start building your team in your sophomore year of college. Your support system of advisors, professors, and classmates will help you in your pursuit of your medical school dream. 

3. Be your genuine self and follow your interests. Just like college, medical schools are looking for diverse applicants and students. Most strong applicants are going to have hospital volunteer experience, research experience, and strong grades in pre-requisite courses. In college explore your other talents and interests whether that is social justice issues, Bhangra dancing, computer science, study abroad– these are the things that can help you stand out. T