Is your child ready for college?

We often spend so much time focusing on students’ academic and extracurricular success that we forget that there are skills they need to survive college that are not taught at school. In a recent article by Jolyn Brand on she lays out a quiz for parents to take to see if their soon to be college freshman have the life skills necessary to be successful in college. From the practical, “Does your teen know how to wash his/her own clothes? How much detergent to use? How to sort?” to the emotional, “Does your teen know when and how to NOT submit to peer pressure?” this quiz helps parents recognize that adolescence is not just about grades and test scores. High school is a time when students are gaining the skills to they need to be independent college students. So the next time your teenager asks you why you did not do his/her laundry or wake him/her up on time, you can tell them you are preparing them for college one load at a time.