We know these are trying times and we want you to know that we are here for you. Investigating your interests and learning something new (outside of class) can help you show colleges that you can focus, adapt, and overcome obstacles. Being thoughtful and doing something meaningful will only help you in your college process. If you are having trouble figuring out your interests or motivating to do something, check out our awesome virtual summer program, the Student Synergy Project. College Calm is here to help! Check out our Read.Watch.Listen post for more ideas. This is just the tip of the iceberg, contact us if you want more ideas!!

 Learn Something.

  • Concurrent enrollment at your local community colleges is OPEN and allows you to take summer college courses for FREE. Search – Schedule of Classes. CanadaCollege of San MateoSkyline
  • Take an inexpensive A-G approved course through UC Scout– Computer Science, Art History, Calculus, and more!
  • Learn anything from Khan academy! Try out Drawing, Java, Computer Science, Animation, or Website Design.
  • Enter a science writing contest to get your ideas published through Teens in Health (Due June 1st).

Create Something.

  • Create a blog, develop your story, edit your photos, and create posts using spark.adobe.
  • Check out Audio Production through Audacity.
  • Explore the Art of Storytelling through Khan Academy and write your own creative narrative.
  • Doodle for Google and submit your drawing to be on the search page.

Explore Something.

  • Become an astronomer by downloading a stargazing app or learn about the universe on the NASA app. 
  • Collaborate globally with scientific data from around the world through The Globe Program.
  • Make your own LinkedIn profile and interview professionals in your major area of interest. 
  • Check out Applerouth’s Virtual College Road Trip with students from Columbia, Tufts, University of Wisconsin, Cornell, William & Mary, and the University of Michigan on May 12th.