Making the Most of Virtual College Visits

  1. View online tours. After you read about a college, take a virtual tour of the campus using, , or the college’s website. 
  2. Sign up for a virtual information session. A number of colleges are hosting virtual information sessions which include live Q & A’s with admissions to follow. See links below.
  3. Reach out to a current student you know or a student ambassador. Some schools are offering Q & A sessions with current students. 
  4. Prepare a small list of questions. How easy is it to switch your major? Does the school feel competitive or collaborative? Are certain majors harder to get into than others? How will you be handling the SAT/ACT for next year?
  5. Record the information on your spreadsheet, or college visit checklist. Writing things down will ensure you remember the information in the Fall. 

UCSB has virtual lectures,  webinars, and a virtual open house on April 22. 

University of Southern CA has virtual information sessions, departement specific videos on their website, and social media. 

Chapman University is hosting  virtual sessions interested students, department tours, you can join the interest list. 

University of Washington has virtual information sessions and tours of sporting venues.