Maximizing your College Visits

17 things you can do to Maximize your College Visits

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6 things to do BEFORE you visit

  1. Research the school and major options
  2. Email local Admissions Counselor or Regional Representative to personalize your visit with a class visit or interview
  3. Contact coaches, departments, professors or current students
  4. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask
  5. Schedule time to sit in on a class or department specific tours
  6. Look at last year’s supplement questions

6 Things to do ON your visit

  1. Eat a snack or grab a bite in the cafeteria or wherever students hangout
  2. Do the “Map” test
  3. Take pictures and grab a school newspaper
  4. Take notes on tour or info session about things that interest you
  5. Make sure to walk or drive through the “town” where students hang out and live off campus
  6. Get the card or take picture of card for Admissions Representative for your area

5 Things to do AFTER your visit

  1. Write down your general impression right after your visit
  2. Send a thank you note/email to people you met on campus?
  3. Write down specific activities/classes that you can see yourself getting involved in
  4. Decide if this is a school is a yes, no or maybe
  5. Continue to demonstrate interest