Planning for a Fun and Meaningful Summer

We know it seems early to think about summer, but now is the time to get excited about ways you can explore your interests and apply to programs. Many applications are due at the end of February. Below is a list to get you started in your planning. Book an appointment if you want support. We have a TON of ideas. Don’t worry, you’ve totally got this!

Search for Programs

Cinch:  Search for high school summer opportunities to strengthen your character

College Transitions: A great list of summer programs

Chegg Summer Internship Finder: Search for internships for high school students

TeenLife: Search for summer programs 

Summer Program Opportunities for 2023


Girls Garage- 1-week program in Berekely for design and building

USC Explore Architecture: 4-week college course that engages high school students in architecture. Includes fundamentals of drawing and design, portfolio guidance, guest speakers.

Summer Architecture Program at Wentworth – Designing & constructing a full-scale structure 

Adventurous/Outdoor Leadership/Service

Amigos: Immersion trip and service abroad.

Global Leadership Adventures: GLA incorporates, service, leadership and travel for students

Broadreach: Experiences abroad through immersion program with small groups of peers

Rustic Pathways: Students work with community partners to complete service-oriented work

Outward Bound: Outdoor educational experience that builds confidence and potential

Teen Summer Service: Service adventures abroad

Business and Entrepreneurship

Foundation for the Teaching of Economics: Teaches student leaders how to integrate economics into the process of decision-making in an interactive learning environment.

Entrepreneurship with Stanford Design Thinking students

George Washington Summer Business Immersion: Take various business courses through GW, International Business, Management, and Economics.

Global Summer Learning Institute: Learn leadership skills as they relate to business in this immersive program.

HERlead: Leadership forum for women in NY City. Each person is paired with a mentor.

Leadership in the Business: @ Wharton leadership and business seminar for rising seniors.

LaunchX: Supports young Entrepreneurs in launching an actual business.

LeanGap: Developing and implementing business ideas for entrepreneurs.

NSLC Summer Programs in Business: Various topics and multiple universities across the US. 

Syracuse Pre-College: Business courses for students in just about every area

Wharton Global Business Programs

Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative: 

Business Programs @ NYU

Computer Science/ Coding

Data Science at Georgetown: Introduction to data science through education, speakers, and hands-on work

Girls Who Code: Learn to code and close the gender gap in the tech world.

ID Tech Camp: Learn everything from coding, gaming, and artificial intelligence.

Inspirit AI: Learn AI from Stanford and MIT Alumni.

Joy of Coding: Coding class offered through the University of Michigan.

Environmental Studies

Cornell Pre-College: Various environmentally focused courses are offered virtually and in person. 

National Crew: 2-5 week program cleaning and conserving back and front country areas.

Drexel Environmental Science Leadership Academy: Hands-on leadership experience in environmental and geoscience.

Grass Roots Ecology Youth Stewards: Local program helping students learn about and improve local ecosystems. (Spring and Summer options) 

Nature Bridge: Hands-on environmental experiences in California.

Planting Justice: Volunteer in East Oakland at the community garden, start your own garden and learn about food justice.

UCCE San Mateo/ San Francisco: Various programs are offered to learn about CA agriculture and resources.

Golden Gate National Park Conservancy Youth Leadership Program: LINC summer high school program is focused on service learning and conversation in local communities and parklands. Application due 2/27. 

Film Programs

Academy of Art: Pre-college classes in filmmaking.

Chapman Film Academy: 2-week program that teaches all aspects of filmmaking.

UCLA Summer Session for Film: Learn about filmmaking and television at UCLA.


Georgetown Forensic Science Academy: Hands-on experience in the world of forensics. Hear from investigators, detectives, and crime scene technicians.

NSLC Summer Forensic Science: Students conduct their own investigation in this immersive experience.


Stanford Humanities Insititute: Summer enrichment program for students interested in the humanities taught by Stanford professors.

Sojourn To the Past: Immersive experience for students who want to learn about the Modern Civil Rights Movement.

Great Books Program: Engage with enduring texts of literature and philosophy to discover and explore the great human issues and questions while developing important critical thinking skills. 

Ashbrook Academy: Interesting programs to go deep into American History.

Hillsdale Summer Study and Travel Programs: Hands on history with classes like “Winston Churchill and WWII. 

Law, Government, and International Relations

Community of Scholars American University: An introduction to global affairs through college-level coursework.

National Student Leadership Conference: Interactive summer session where you learn about the law, politics, and international diplomacy.

Law and Politics at George Washington University: Explore law and politics in our nation’s capital. 

Boys & Girls State: A hands-on, realistic experience in civic responsibility to high school students prior to entering their senior year of high school. Ask your counselor about the nomination form. 

Best Delegate: Learn Model United Nations at various campuses across the US. 

Marine Biology

Cornell Pre-College Studies: Hands-on summer course through Shoals Marine Science Laboratory.

Marine Science Institute: Apply for Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute (SJI)summer experiences in San Francisco.


Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Stanford: Learn about fascinating topics in Neuroscience through this 2-week program.

NSLC Psychology and Neuroscience: Explore psychology and neuroscience through speakers, simulations and site visits 

Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR): 8-week research program held at Stanford.

Media/Journalism/Creative Writing

Iowa Young Writers: 2-week writing immersion experience at the University of Iowa.

Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute (SJI): Various camps are offered from social media to sports broadcasting.

JCamp: National multicultural journalism camp for high school students.

Northwestern Cherubs: 5-week program at Northwestern for journalism students.

UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television: 3 week program with 8 different tracks related to digital media, film and television. 


Research in Science and Engineering Program (RISE): 6 week program that explores science and engineering research at Boston Unversity. 

Simons Summer Research Program: Hands-on program to conduct science and engineering research at Stony Brook in New York.

UCSB Summer Research Mentorship: 6-week program to conduct hands-on research at UCSB.

Lumiere Education: Differing levels of research programs for all subjects for ambitious students. 

Polygence: Work with an excerpt mentor to explore your interests. Check out interesting projects on-line. 

Social Justice and Activism

ACLU Summer Institute: National advocacy program in Washington DC.

Emerson College Politics Activism and Leadership Institute: Earn 4 college credits while learning about political communication, activism, and advocacy. 

Young Women’s Leadership Institute: Study the complexities of gender and leadership.


Cal Poly Epic: Hands-on introduction to engineering fields.

Cisco High Internship Program – 2.5-week unpaid summer externship designed to give top STEM and business-focused students an overview of Cisco.

COSMOS: UC summer experiences in STEM.

Design The Future – Use the Design Thinking process to solve real-world problems.

ID Tech – Amazing curriculum for students interested in STEM.

Pathways to Stem Cell Science: Hands-on opportunities for students to learn lab skills and do research.  

Perimeter InstituteInternational Summer School for Young Physicists: Online program diving into theoretical physics concepts. 

 Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists: a 6-week summer program in mathematics for strongly motivated high school students from across the U.S. and around the world.

Purdue STEP: Summer engineering programs for high school students.

Santa Clara University Engineering Summer Programs: Introduction to a variety of engineering fields through hands-on projects and speakers.

Stanford Summer Math Program: 3-week program that offers challenging math pursuits.

Summer Science Program at Columbia: Immersive program in science at Columbia.

NSLC Leaders: Engineering leadership programs at different universities. 


Become a Pilot: Join upwind and become a pilot this summer

UC Davis Pre-College Programs: Everything from Environmental science to Equine Science