Preparing for your College Interview

Some colleges offer optional interviews to their prospective first-year students. Some interviews can be evaluative while others are just another way for the college to learn more about you and for you to learn more about the college. Either way, you should research your college list and determine if any colleges offer interviews. note: UC’s and CSU campuses DO NOT conduct interviews.  

1. Go to the App Tracker Tab in Counselmore. Search each college that you wish to apply to and research their interview policy OR google your college name and admission interviews to understand their policy

2. Search the school admissions sites for interview options. You can also email a regional rep to see if they do interview. 

3. Register for interviews for colleges on your list (Pro tip: If you can, register for interviews at your foundation or target schools first so you can use them as a “practice” interview. 

3. Add the interview date(s) and times to your calendar (be aware of time zones)

4. Let us know if you plan to interview so that we can help you prepare for your interview

Watch this great webinar we created on preparing for an interview


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