Questions for Campus Visits

These are just ideas . . . . highlight the questions you are interested in and then plan to ask them on your visits.


  • Do you have a learning community or other freshman experience?

  • Do you have a required core curriculum?
  • How much interaction, if any, will the typical undergrad have with tenured professors?

  • What departments offer undergraduate research? And how many undergrads typically get to do research?
  • Does the school have an honors college? If so, what are the requirements to get into the honors college?

  • Do seniors complete a capstone experience or project?
  • How difficult or easy is it for freshmen and sophomores to enroll in the courses they want?
  • Is there much informal student-faculty contact outside of class such as students and faculty having lunch or playing sports together?
  • What services are offered to students needing help or tutoring? Are support services offered on a drop-in basis and is there an additional cost?
  • What percentage of students study abroad?
 Does the school have any unique programs? Do students go for the semester, year or over the summer?
  • Does each student have a personally assigned advisor, or is advising conducted by an “advisement center?” Do students have an opportunity to select or change his/her advisor?
  • What if I am completely undecided? Does this put me at a disadvantage in the college process? Will it make it hard for me to graduate in 4 years?
  • How hard is it for students to change majors? If I start out as a communications major, can I transfer into the business school?


  • Are the admission standards higher for certain majors?
  • Do you have a testing-optional or alternative path for admissions?
  • Is demonstrated interest a factor in your admissions decisions?
  • What changes do you see taking place on campus in the next five years?
  • How does the school help freshmen adjust to college life?
  • What is the interview policy/ procedure?
  • Where are students from? What are the top 5 states from which students come?
  • Are your admissions decisions need-blind or need-aware?
  • Can you share the out-of-state admissions statistics? (only for public universities)
  • Who is the representative for Northern California? When are they planning to travel on high school visits?


  • What is the four-year, five-year and/or six-year graduation rates for students at your school?
What are the main reasons why students don’t graduate on time?

  • Does your career center have an optional curriculum for students to pursue?
  • How does career services help students find internship and research opportunities?
  • What is the job placement rate for students?
  • What percentage of students go on to graduate school?


  • Does your net price calculator provide an accurate estimate of what your school will cost me?
  • What percentage of financial aid need does your school typically meet?
  • Does your institution dispense merit awards or talent scholarships? Do students need to complete a separate application to be eligible for merit awards?
  • What is the average amount of debt that students graduate with?


  • What do students do on campus during the weekend?
  • Are freshman required to live on-campus?
  • Is housing guaranteed all 4 years? Where do students live off-campus?
  • What activities on campus are the most popular with students?
  • What transportation is available for students to get to town/airport/train?
  • Do many students participate in intramural or club sports? What are the most popular sports?
  • Are there any interesting school traditions or celebrations?


  • Why did you decide to attend this school? What other schools did you consider?
  • If you could change anything about the school, what would it be?
  • What is a typical weekend like on campus?
  • How have you interacted with faculty?
  • What is your favorite tradition on campus?
  • What kind of student is the most successful at your school?
  • What students end up not fitting in or having a hard transition?
  • Do many students have cars? Is it important to have a car on campus?