Testing optional colleges and universities? Do they really exist?

The answer is YES! Fair Test lists every college and university that does not require the SAT or ACT for admission. In some cases students must submit a writing sample or a portfolio of work, which for most students is a much more accurate reflection of their potential than a lousy SAT score.

When I ask student what stresses them out the most about the college process, the most common answers is standardized testing. One way to deal with the anxiety over testing is to look at Fair Test and figure out if there are a few schools that can be added to your student’s college list that do not require standardized testing. STANDADIZED tests are not the most important information on your college application. They are just one piece of the complex, intelligent and interesting landscape of each student.

Some schools on the list: American University (D.C), Arizona State(AZ), Bates College (ME), Bowdoin College (ME), Connecticut College (CT), Lewis and Clark College (OR), CSU Long Beach (CA), Dennison University (OH), DePaul University (IL), Franklin and Marshall College (PA)

**** please always check the school’s website to confirm the testing policies, procedures and requirements.