The Basics of College Athletic Recruiting

Jenny Dumas from College Calm discusses important things aspiring athletes need to consider regarding the college application process. Here are our top three takeaways from the presentation. For the full presentation, click here.

  • The college bound student-athlete DRIVES the recruiting process. You have to decide, do I have the ability to play in college and do I have the desire to play in college? If you have the desire and the ability to play, gather your team of coaches, parents and counselor to support you.
  • Your recruiting video is going to be your greatest tool. Develop a clear video that has an introduction, 3-4 minutes of technical skills and 5-7 of great game footage that represents your best play to send to coaches.
  • Athletes have to get comfortable being slightly uncomfortable. There are 3 phases in the recruiting process for college bound student athletes. 
    • Phase 1: Determine your college values and your level of play.
    • Phase 2: Gather information and connect with coaches.
    • Phase 3: Build and foster relationships with coaches. 

YOU have to communicate by making phone calls, sending emails, and speaking in person with coaches after camps and clinics to solicit feedback. YOU must advocate for yourself and be confident in your abilities as an athlete.