Who fares best in the college admissions process?

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on the College process, “College Admissions,” by Robin Mamlet and Christine VanDeVelde has a great deal of useful information for both students and parents. Last week I visited their blog  and really enjoyed the March 22nd topic, “Who fares best in the college admissions process?” The article was written in response to a post by a local student from Sequoia High School wrote a piece for Patch.com about feeling like everything she does all day is just to get into college. This article is a great conversation starter for both parents and students. My favorite part of the post is this quote from Alice Kleeman, who is a counselor at Menlo-Atherton High School.

“Students who challenge themselves in classes that interest them most and in which they are strongest (rather than feeling they must take every advanced class) . . . and students who are balanced and healthy-who always allot time for family, friends, and reading a good book under a tree on a beautiful day-are those who are snapped up by colleges all over the country, even the most selective colleges.”

I wanted to clap when I read her reply because it really mirrors how I feel about the college admissions process. I would bookmark this new blog as I think it covers a lot of interesting topics and may not feel quite as overwhelming or time-consuming as reading the book from cover to cover.